The Breast Sling Makes Your Breastfeeding Journey Easier

Breast Sling

 It is definitely a game changer!! I’ve used it for every nursing since I’ve watched the video and saw how to use it, it’s so nice not having to use my hand to keep my breast from smothering the baby! lol I wish I had this when I first started having kids!!

Courtney L.

The Breast Sling

  • Makes it easier to breastfeed with larger breasts
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable

Is the Breast Sling for You?

Moms with large breasts may find it challenging to position their baby for breastfeeding. Find out if the Breast Sling is for you.

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The Breast Sling

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Breastfeeding is an amazing, life-giving superpower with so many proven benefits, but certain anatomical differences make breastfeeding harder for some moms and easier for others. The Breast Sling was designed specifically to make breastfeeding easier for moms with larger breasts and moms who’ve experienced changes in breast shape due to rapid weight loss.

RN and Lactation Consultant, Elena Nicolaou-Black, developed the Breast Sling after 25 years of helping thousands of moms and babies start their breastfeeding journeys together. In this video, Elena tells the story of the Breast Sling and explains why she felt so inspired to create this product.

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